Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Free All In One Multimedia Tools Programs - Free Studio Managers

My apology of not updating much of this blog lately as I have been stuck up in my work (as if i have many followers on this blog lol) Anyhow to compensate on my absence, I wish to share to you a very good all in one package program were you can convert, burn,download, edit of almost all the multimedia tools which will actually cost you  nothing. As my friend Sarah would always says" The Best things in Life are FREE.

Free Studio Managers - - an almost complete all in one multimedia tools which is easily to use. It contains a bundle of 8 sections  of free multimedia applications thanks to its developer DVDVidoe Soft. These sections as you can see below are:

  • YouTube
  • MP3 & Audio
  • CD-DVD-BD,
  • DVD & Video
  • Photo & Image
  • Mobiles
  • Apples Devices
  • 3D

Despite of many choices, a very cool designed control panel makes it easy to navigate and dowloading will only takes a little disk space in your computer.

To elaborate more here is the list of categories for you to try

Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter
Free YouTube to DVD Converter
Free YouTube Uploader
Free Uploader for Facebook

Free Video to Android Converter
Free Video to Apple TV Converter
Free Video to BlackBerry Converter
Free Video to HTC Phones Converter
Free Video to iPad Converter
Free Video to iPod Converter
Free Video to iPhone Converter
Free Video to LG Phones Converter
Free Video to Motorola Phones Converter
Free Video to Nintendo Converter
Free Video to Nokia Phones Converter
Free Video to Samsung Phones Converter
Free Video to Sony Phones Converter
Free Video to Sony Playstation Converter
Free Video to Sony PSP Converter
Free Video to Xbox Converter

Free Video to Tablet PC Converter
Free DVD Video Converter
Free Video to DVD Converter
Free Video to Flash Converter
Free 3GP Video converter
Free Video to MP3 Converter
Free Video to JPG Converter
Free Audio Converter
Free Audio to Flash Converter
Free WebM Video Converter
Free MP4 Video Converter
Free AVI Video Converter

Free DVD Video Burner
Free Disc Burner
Free Audio CD Burner

Free Audio CD to MP3 Converter
Free Screen Video Recorder
Free Image Convert and Resize
Free Video Dub
Free Audio Dub
Free Video Flip and Rotate

Free 3D Photo Maker
Free 3D Video Maker

A video from youtube will walk you through with this application

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monitoring your Hard Disk Performance - CrystalDiskInfo

Every PC users knows that one important component of a computer performance relies heavily in the performance of your hard disk. If you are not aware of the condition of your gard drive you will caught up in a situation of hard disk crash, will be sorry that all your valuable data is lose. It should be great knowing of a utility that could report on your hard disk's health, to alert us, letting you know it's time to make backups.

CrystalDiskInfo -  a small utiliy program that give you a heads-up that tell you about the hardware performance of your hard disk - This includes details such as drive temperature, how often it's been started or stopped. It provides you with a nice meter to give you an easy graphical representation and the best part of course it is FREE!.

A modern drives monitoring called S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) found in modern day hardrives designed to  monitor a number of parameter on a hard disk - To give you access to the system that's where CrystalDiskInfo will come in. 

  • Supports S.M.A.R.T where comprehensive graph is shown
  • Display drive temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Integrated temprature alarm automatically notifies you when a drive reaches a certain temprature
  • Simple interface and display perfromance statistics  

Download link

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Computer Trivia

Computer as we all know it is one of the most important discovery and invention in the human race. Let's look back  on some of its interesting trivia and facts
The first computer mouse is invented approximately in 1964 by Doug Engelbart and was made in wood. It was then later pionnered by Xerox

The world's first computer was invtented around 1938 by German Engineer Konrad Zuse and called machine V1, but later changed to Z1. The Z1 was equipped with all the basics of our modern day machines, it used the binary system, a control unit, memory, micro sequences and floating point logic.

In 1979, Seagate created the first hard disk drive the Seagate ST 506 with 5 MB capacity

In 1971 Intel introduce the first micro processor Intel 4004 which was original designed to power the Busicom calculator.  400 was during that time was fast with a clock speed of 400 khz  

To date the fastest computer in the world in built by Fujistsu the K computer - named for Japanese word kei - meaning 10 quadrillion. The K Comouter is capable of performing more than 8 quadrillion calculation per second.

The first commercially available portable computer was the Osborne 1 in 1981, which used the CP/M operating system. Although it was large and heavy compared to today's laptops, with a tiny 5" CRT monitor, it had a near-revolutionary impact on business, as professionals were able to take their computer and data with them for the first time

Intel is short for Integrated Electronics

In 1971, IBM introduced the first "memory disk", as it was called then, or the "floppy disk" as it is known today

 In 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the Apple 1 computer and started Apple Computer