Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Locates Files and Folder Instantly in Windows - Use Everything

Trying to find certain files and folders in your PC, but just can't remember where you have put it? Its a common approach for us to use the search local disk and in worse case the search computer. Though it would not probably take that long to find your file but it will certainly took sometime before you find what you are looking for. What you need is just one click intant search and you will find everything. There is a FREE software tools that will help you find your files and folder in your PC - the fastest way.

Everything - a tiny free download software that perfoms like search engine for your Windows PC. This software will immediately crerates an index database of all your files, and will then allow you to search through all of them by name.  You can run it locallyto your hardrive or just get a portable version to run from a flash drive.

Download Everything from . Here's a video from to walk you through with this great program.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to find information on your Computer System - SIW way

Looking for a FREE software tools that will allow you to to know everything you ever wanted to know in your computer system? You lost a product key or a serial # of your operating system and want to retrieve it? Want to know all the programs installed in your computer, settings, properties abd specs of your computer hardware / software

System Information for Windows - (SIW) a FREE software program that analyze and gathers detailed information about Windows computer system both in hardware and software, network information, network tools, miscellaneous tools. One of the best feature feature of SIW is it is a standalone software which you can also run directly through your USB flash drive or CD

SIW - is developed by Gabriel Tapola and you can visit the website in . Visiting their website, i found out that they are now offering for SIW Pro Version for Business and technician version. But it still offers FREE download for Home or personal use.

As this FREE program gain so much popularity on the net, you can search for almost every site that offers FREE download of this program. An example are the links below
To walk you through with this program, here is a video clip from

Sunday, January 8, 2012

K9 Web Protection - Protecting your Children in the Internet World

One in five children aged five to seven are accessing the internet without supervision from a parent, this is according to the articles from This situation will post a great risk for our children being exposed in accessing pornograpy and other adult materials. It is therefore important for parent to protect our children using a parental control and filtering on the access of internet but of course not worrying for the price because its totally FREE...

K9 Web Protection An easy to install and use friendly internet filter. K9 prevent particular types of site, like those of adult content from opening. It also allows the user to restict certain times when accessing a certain site. The software have this unique feature "barking sound" as an alert whenever it block one of the user defined restrictions. K9 requires a licence key before or after you install the software

K9 Key Features
  • Compatible with Windows or MAC
  • Website blocking by category, including pornography, violence, illegal drugs

  • Ability to overide a block with the parent password
  • Easy pre set levels to choose from depending on the age of the children
  • Time restriction including Nigh Guard
  • It never slow down your PC
  • Also give malware protection
  • Tamper resistant for more savvy children
Here's a video below to furthere more about this software. I'll do appreciate your comment or feed back once you have started using this program

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Missing File in Your External Disk After Scanning with Anti Virus

I want to share to you one experience which you may have also encountered or if not you can try this tips, here it goes...

During the holiday break, I borrowed one USB drive to one of my friend to copy some movies and when I open it to my computer, I notice that the folders became shortcuts with the fear that this may be a computer virus, I immediately removed it from my computer. Without minding the consequences, I then plug in my external hard drive and alas!!! my folders is also infected.Of course the common way to solve this problem is to scan my external file and my whole computer as well. Well the main thing is that i only do scan through online using Nod 32 (as my computer at camp is very old) After scanning, of course its very obvious that it will detect virus.  

The not so expected outcome when I open my external drive is that all files are gone. I tried to click the "Folder Option" and click the "show hidden files and folders" button, it still doesn't worked. I click on the properties of my external and the used space is there, so I'm pretty sure that all of my files is still in tack and just need to find a way to restore it back. So here comes the solution....

If your files still won't show try to recover it using a date recovery tools like recuva (its free)

I hope this tips works for you. Please let me know.Its always great to hear your comment