Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Boost your Wifi Connectivity

Most of us would definitely have tried using Wi- fi (Wireless Fidelity) and you would probably agree that one major problem with Wifi is the range. The farther you get from a Wireless adapter, the weaker the signal. This will therefore result to slow down your internet connection and at cause you will not get any signal at all.
While you are struggling to get a good Wi-Fi signal on your computer, have you ever wondered how to increase your wifi coverage range, without buying any additional gadget?  If you happen to have an old can of soda or beer lying around the house, you might be surprise that this simple method will increase both the range and speed of your wifi internet.
Using nothing more than an aluminum can, a knife, scissors, and some adhesive stuff, you can built a remarkably easy and effective Wi-Fi extender that will only takes you in a few very simple steps to complete

Here’s a tutorial link from Youtube to walk you through with this simple step.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Windows Key Board Shortcut

Mastering the keyboard and getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts not only help you to get the work done faster, but also to become efficient, it can also help you to prevent wrist fatigue.
Take a look at the chart below and a video from for more additional know how with keyboard shortcuts. Some you may have started using but it’s a worth the effort to know more and make it into your daily routine.

Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Password Protect your Folder

Every one of us would want to keep our files and folders safe for being censored by others specially our own personal file. Having our filed secured is also the best way to keep your files or folder for accidentally being deleted.
One of the most common ways to secure a file or a folder is to change your folder as “hidden” file or folder.  An invisible item is much more difficult to be picked up by those you hide it from. If they do not know where it is, then they do not know where to look in the first place.
Of course, this method is not totally a secure guarantee and chances are someone can manage to set Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders and from then on it is just a matter of searching for what they are looking for.
Secure Folder a freebie tool that offers both folder locking and hiding. The application is free of charge with an easy to use interface. Installation is easy and does not require additional items to the system.
Once you dropped the folder in the application you can choose one of the three security modes for protection: lock (restricts access to the target), hide (makes it invisible in Windows Explorer) and encrypt (encodes the containing information).
A video from will walk you through on this application.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Online Training Tools @ GCF Learn Free. Org

From the very beginning when I created this blog, my very intention is to help everyone to look for Free Software, Free Online Tools, Tips and Information in the Internet. While for some point it looks very tiring and getting some few visitors to visit my blogs tends to wear me down and be frustrated. Though thanks to some good friend who put some good comments that they find my blog useful help me to continue to search for all these freebies in the internet.

Probably when it comes to searching for Free Online Services that allows you to learn online for free to improve your literacy, technology, software program, operating system and mostly everything you want to know in the internet world and life application itself. The site that is mentioned below would definitely be your first choice. This site is run by a not-for-profit organization, the Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc. Their mission is “to create and provide education, employment, and life enrichment opportunities for people who desire to improve the quality of their lives.”

School can be expensive and buying some books or other materials will also lead to expenses. But having this free online courses will help you in a great way to dip to further learning without having to think about any single penny at stake. So go ahead – take this free online course from this wonderful website which is ABSOLUTELY FREE 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

40th Year of United Arab Emirates - Spirit of the Union

2nd December 2011, marks the 40th National Day of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a federation of seven emirates which constitute Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al – Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al- Quwain.From a humble beginning of pearl diving to a unprecedented world stage global transformation.

As an OFW who worked in Dubai for almost 4 years, I’m  happy to say that I am blessed (and other  Filipino would also share my thoughts) to have landed and worked in the UAE – a place were most expat have found this as a second home. The UAE may have been put down by the economic difficulties caused by the financial crisis but it has shown that it can stand still and we as Filipino working here should be grateful that it has still caters us and continued to enjoy not just work but a fair living to this country. 

For this blog, I wish to highlights some trivia and unique facts about UAE
  • Archeological excavation fount out that UAE has a civilization way back to 4000 BC
  • UAE is the 4th largest exporters of crude oil in the region after KSA, Iran and Kuwait
  • Total area of UAE is 83,600 sq km including surrounding islands
  • At least more than 5 million tourists visited Dubai every year
  • January 4 2010 marks the official opening of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  • In September 2009 – Dubai Metro was officially inaugurated.
  • Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai – is considered world’s ‘seven star hotel”
  • In 2005, Dubai Mall of the Emirates was officially opened. Famous with its indoor ski slope
  • The Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping mall based on total area and fifth largest by gross leasable area.  
  • Al Faidi fort is the oldest building in Dubai.
  • UM Al Quwain has the lowest population among the rest of the emirates with 49, 159 estimate.
  • The smallest emirates in UAE is Ajman covering an area of 259 sq km
  • Abu Dhabi is the largest of the emirates accounting an estimate of 85 percent of the country’s land
  • Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, located in Abu Dhabi can hold more than 40,000 worshippers with a 22412 sqm which is equivalent of about five foot ball field
  • Sharjah in 1998 was crowned the Capital of Arab Culture and will be again in 2014.
  • In Fujairah lies the oldest mosque in the UAE suggested it was built around 1446
  • Rasa L Khaimah – means “the top of the tent” as it shape resemble and location at the northern tip of UAE
  • UAE is the founding member of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Center)
source: 7 Days Special Publication for UAE Anniversary 2 Dec 2011

I join the rest of the people in celebrating this day and with hope for the continued success of the UAE and its people.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creating Photo Collage for Free

I’m into a hobby of making photo slide video and for those who seen my work, you would probably noticed that every end of most of my videos are sort of a summary of all the photos – this is what we called photo collage.

In this blog, I wish to share to you one of my favorite website were mostly I created my photo collage.

Photovisi – a free online web based tool that let you create collages of your various collection photos. The process is very simple and ideal for us with little or no photo editing experience. After pressing the Click here to start! Button you will be taken to were you can select one of the different templates offered by Photovisi. There is a registration process if you want to avail full access of all the templates which is actually free. After you create the collage, you can save it to your hard disk or send it via email or share it on facebook. 

Features of Photovisi
  • Access all Photovisi features for free
  • Create a collage using your own photographs
  • Choose from four pages of unique collage templates
  • Download and print the finished collage
  • Design a collage in three steps
  • Allows you to build photo collage without having to download any software
  • Different resolution outputs, up to 1920×1440
  • Add your own text in different font styles

In closing, I wish to share to you and acknowledge with appreciation a comment from my previous post from one of our High School Bach mate which I quote  

thank you sa pagshare ng info......hehehe...nagtry na yung anak ko kagabi, nagedit sya ng pictures ng alaga namin,natuwa sya...ngaun gumagawa na sya sa movie maker using edited pictures....... thanks batch

Thank you so much Rosielyn, indeed these words are very comforting and encouraging and gives me reason to continue my blog even in some point I feel like dropping this site.