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Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creating Photo Collage for Free

I’m into a hobby of making photo slide video and for those who seen my work, you would probably noticed that every end of most of my videos are sort of a summary of all the photos – this is what we called photo collage.

In this blog, I wish to share to you one of my favorite website were mostly I created my photo collage.

Photovisi – a free online web based tool that let you create collages of your various collection photos. The process is very simple and ideal for us with little or no photo editing experience. After pressing the Click here to start! Button you will be taken to were you can select one of the different templates offered by Photovisi. There is a registration process if you want to avail full access of all the templates which is actually free. After you create the collage, you can save it to your hard disk or send it via email or share it on facebook. 

Features of Photovisi
  • Access all Photovisi features for free
  • Create a collage using your own photographs
  • Choose from four pages of unique collage templates
  • Download and print the finished collage
  • Design a collage in three steps
  • Allows you to build photo collage without having to download any software
  • Different resolution outputs, up to 1920×1440
  • Add your own text in different font styles

In closing, I wish to share to you and acknowledge with appreciation a comment from my previous post from one of our High School Bach mate which I quote  

thank you sa pagshare ng info......hehehe...nagtry na yung anak ko kagabi, nagedit sya ng pictures ng alaga namin,natuwa sya...ngaun gumagawa na sya sa movie maker using edited pictures....... thanks batch

Thank you so much Rosielyn, indeed these words are very comforting and encouraging and gives me reason to continue my blog even in some point I feel like dropping this site.  



  1. 28, 2011 at 3:31 AM

    nakakatuwa naman....3 clicks away lang may collage ka na...... thanks rey.....big help to sa paggawa ng projects......

  2. This is the process where you can attached more than one pic together and making collage needs creativity and artistic mind.Art is all about creation. Now we can also make collage online.