Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creating Photo Collage for Free

I’m into a hobby of making photo slide video and for those who seen my work, you would probably noticed that every end of most of my videos are sort of a summary of all the photos – this is what we called photo collage.

In this blog, I wish to share to you one of my favorite website were mostly I created my photo collage.

Photovisi – a free online web based tool that let you create collages of your various collection photos. The process is very simple and ideal for us with little or no photo editing experience. After pressing the Click here to start! Button you will be taken to were you can select one of the different templates offered by Photovisi. There is a registration process if you want to avail full access of all the templates which is actually free. After you create the collage, you can save it to your hard disk or send it via email or share it on facebook. 

Features of Photovisi
  • Access all Photovisi features for free
  • Create a collage using your own photographs
  • Choose from four pages of unique collage templates
  • Download and print the finished collage
  • Design a collage in three steps
  • Allows you to build photo collage without having to download any software
  • Different resolution outputs, up to 1920×1440
  • Add your own text in different font styles

In closing, I wish to share to you and acknowledge with appreciation a comment from my previous post from one of our High School Bach mate which I quote  

thank you sa pagshare ng info......hehehe...nagtry na yung anak ko kagabi, nagedit sya ng pictures ng alaga namin,natuwa sya...ngaun gumagawa na sya sa movie maker using edited pictures....... thanks batch

Thank you so much Rosielyn, indeed these words are very comforting and encouraging and gives me reason to continue my blog even in some point I feel like dropping this site.  


Friday, November 25, 2011

Coffee Trivia

I remember one Philippine tv commercial of a couple were the wife is about to serve breakfast to his husband and the husband will only request for a coffee and would say "Coffee na lang Dear"...

Most people can leave without breakfast but not without coffee (Including myself) I always take my daily coffee rituals very seriously, without it i can't start a good day at work. For those coffee lovers in the world, here's a trivia for you....

  • The word coffee came from the meaning of the Arabic word gahwa, which means “wine” or as “excitement." 
  • Coffee is the third most popular drink in the world, next to water and tea. 
  • Coffee was a staple in ancient Arab times as well. So much so in fact that legal grounds for divorce was that the husband refused to make coffee for his wife.
  • Japan ranks Number 3 in the world for coffee consumption.
  • October 1st is the official Coffee Day in Japan.
  • For reducing wrinkles and improving their skin, the Japanese have been known to bathe in coffee grounds fermented with pineapple pulp.
  • Abraham Lincoln never had anything more than a cup of coffee for breakfast.
  • Black Coffee with no sugar contains from no to very little calories.
  • Coffee has been in use since about 900 A.D. It was first used as a stimulant, a wine, and as a medicine.
  • In England in the 1600s, coffee was used for medicinal purposes. The sick would receive treatments of a blend of coffee, heated butter, honey, and oil.
  • The “coffee break” in the American workplace came about during World War II. Employers found that their employees would work longer and harder if they were supplied with a coffee break during their shifts. U.S. studies shortly thereafter reported that 10,000 marriages a year were directly traceable to romances which began during these coffee breaks.
  • Franciscan friars brought the first coffee seeds to the Philippines in 1749. 
So while having a 2 days off this Friday and Saturday, I would probably enjoy my coffee while watching my downloaded movie. Happy weekend to everyone..

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Free Windows Password Removal / Reset Tools

    Earlier I have written about how to reset / remove  Admin Password from your XP Operating System using the XP CD Installer,  Now I am writing about few more ways to do the same using different utilities and methods to recover Windows Password without using your XP CD Installer and can also be used in other operating system as well, It took me some time to check and picked few best ones, and look into reviews of these utility before I write it on to my blog. Here are some utilities which can recover Admin password / reset for your Windows as discussed in details as given below 

    Offline NT Password & Registry Editor – This utility can be used to reset or set the password of your Windows XP / Vista and should also work with Windows 7 as well
    Key Features
    • Completely Free to download and use
    • There is no installation in Windows is required or knowledge of old password is needed making this utility an easy alternative to many other password recovery tools
    • It simple deletes passwords instantly making it fast and easy to use
    • ISO image is much smaller than those of other password recovery tools
    To start with, visit the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor website Just download the free ISO file, burn it to a CD, and delete your password in just a few minutes. After that, you'll be able to access Windows without a password at all!
    Visiting their website, they have also offered bootable disk from USB so it’s really coming in handy and I recommend giving it a try.

    Ophcrack LiveCD – free window password recovery tools designed to scan windows password and display them for an easy recovery. It supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

    Key Features 

    • Software is freely available for download online 
    • The Ophcrack LiveCD option allows for completely automatic password recovery
    • No software installation is needed to recover passwords
    • Passwords are recovered automatically using the LiveCD method
    Simply visit the site, download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot to the CD. Ophcrack will automatically search the users on your Windows system and start cracking their passwords and will be displayed on your screen.

    An important note: Antivirus recognize the Ophcrack LiveCD ISO file as a Trojan virus. You need not worry about it, it will do no harm to your computer.


    PCLoginNow is a free easy-to-use tool to reset administrator and other accounts passwords on your Windows system.  Works with Windows 7,Windows Vista, and Windows XP passwords

    Key Features

    • Can delete any password from nearly any installation of Windows almost instantly. 
    • Passwords are simply removed with this tool instead of being decoded and displayed making it faster and easier to use 
    • No installation in Windows is required making PC Login Now an easy alternative to many other password recovery tools
    •  Can transform any normal user account into an administrator account 
    •  The ISO image is much smaller than those of many other password recovery tools
    While visiting their website, I found some other useful utility tools that they offer which you may wish to try.

    Let me know your comments on these tools when you give it a try.

    Until then...