Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Convert and Download Video to MP3 from Youtube

YouTube is considered being the most popular video sharing in the entire world. People in all walks of life having an internet connection will not miss to visit this site.

YouTube has also become the platform in discovering outstanding performances and talents. Probably without YouTube  we will not see our very own Charise Pempengco soaring high in the music industry. I think to all the things she should be thankful about, aside for having a very supportive mother is the coming of YouTube in their lives.

Youtube has got millions of videos and every available songs from oldies / classics or the latest songs all in one website. Wondering how you could download the videos in youtube and convert into MP3 format. There are many online converter providing this services even without entering a registration. So you have to do is to just visit the any of my mentioned websites and paste youtube video URL and it will  convert your youtube video into mp3. Simple as that.

If you are not familiar of what is URL please find below illustration.

Here are my lists of Online Youtube video to MP3 converter. With no registration, no sign up and best of all Free. I decided not to put any description and comments to every site as all have their distinct features and for the users to decide which are more efficient, fast and reliable. In general, all these website requires URL from Youtube, paste on their website and downloading will follow.   

1. Youtube – mp3 -

  2.  Vid to mp3

3. Youtube to Mp3  - 

4. -  

5. MP3 Converter - 


7. Tube to MP3  

8. MP3ify - 

9. Audio Thief 

10. Video Droid - 

To all my friends and members of this site hope you find all these websites useful. I wish to request you to promote this website by allowing your friends to visit this site, join the site or follow my blog. It takes less than a minute to join.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Online Photo Editing- Creating Fun Photos to Share With

I remember when i start sharing photos of my friends in facebook using an online photo editing. I received many appreciations and one of those are from my high school friend Lorens and from my Ninang Jo. Ang sabi nila how did you come up with these? Sabi ko "research lang po yan" which is true. When i discovered the website and from that point on I search for similar website  to have more templates to choose from. Let's start with my list

  • Photofunia - Very very simple to use..Just upload your photos and choose a category viola!!! yun na yun. One of the good feature of photofunia is it doesn't have any watermark in your end photos and you can choose large or regular size when you download it

  • Deefunia - - Yes if there is Photofunia, there will be someone to imitate at least its popularity. Comes It has outgrown photofunia in terms of it offers more design, categories, added calendars and fun upload of your photos...The one downfall of this program is having a watermark on its end product which you need to find a photo editor to crop the watermark...

  • Funny.Pho.To - - One of my favorite website. It has almost everything you can imagine. From thousands of templates, montage, collages, photo effect, avatar and touch up for your photos. You will not get bored as it always updates for new templates. Highly recommended of yours truly. Some tips if you want to remove the watermark, simple register and click on the left tab to remove the watermark. 

  • Fun Photo Box - - Another Free Photo Editing which you can find many  templates for your photos, It also has categories like face in a hole, gif animation. 

  • Loonapix - - Another awesome online photo editing. With lots of templates, photo effect, photo frames and personalize calendar. A website worth visiting for 

  • Photo 505 - - Another source for huge collection of template that you can choose from. Just don't know where the 505 stands for. Probably 505 templates? Though I hav'nt counted it yet.

  • JPGFun - - Another easy to use free online service you can edit and make fun of your photos. A lots of ton of photo effects and the most interesting is its huge template magazine where you can just upload your photos and be in the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

  • - - Another way of looking for fresh templates.  New templates are added at least twice a month. The only issue here is the watermark after your end product.

  • FunnyWow - - As what the title suggest. Funny Wow offers exciting templates which you can always feel Wow with your creation.
Here are some of the online photo editing webiste you can also visit.

Hope for a starter you can find these websites useful. Till my next issue.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Introduction Muna....

As my first post to my Anik Anik ATBP let me first say thank you for visiting my blog and hope that every time you visit my blog you'll find some interesting references and some valuable information that will be useful for you  sa anumang anik anik na kailangan ninyo and in some point eh you get entertain and have a good smile to make your day.

Let me first thank Eric for giving me the idea and encouraging me to create this blog. It seems at first parang matrabaho ang paggawa nito..given the fact you have to research everything and the amount of time of composing your text. and by the time you have completed one post eh subject for criticism baka sa grammar or the content itself.

But i think the real deal why I want to create this blog is for the spirit of Free Sharing. The internet has a lot of free website that is available to us and i want to look for this website and share to all my friends.

In closing, hope that you enjoy visiting this site and if you wish to share also your inputs this is the place for you. You can also criticize all you want but please don't use abusive words and just consider the effort ng inyong abang lingkod.

For the Spirit of Free Sharing...Sharing love to one another....

Rey "Ace" Marquez