Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Locates Files and Folder Instantly in Windows - Use Everything

Trying to find certain files and folders in your PC, but just can't remember where you have put it? Its a common approach for us to use the search local disk and in worse case the search computer. Though it would not probably take that long to find your file but it will certainly took sometime before you find what you are looking for. What you need is just one click intant search and you will find everything. There is a FREE software tools that will help you find your files and folder in your PC - the fastest way.

Everything - a tiny free download software that perfoms like search engine for your Windows PC. This software will immediately crerates an index database of all your files, and will then allow you to search through all of them by name.  You can run it locallyto your hardrive or just get a portable version to run from a flash drive.

Download Everything from . Here's a video from to walk you through with this great program.

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