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Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Compress and Extract Zip Files Online

Eric needs to submit his cost report via email to our Senior Quantity Surveyor, Mr. Anton.  A bit of a large files and due to limited capacity space, the files needs to be reduced and compressed to the size that it can be uploaded. 

In such kind of situation, most of us will compress our files a WinZip or Winrar which are already built it and included in your Operating System (at least for Winzip) But if you  are probably looking for free online services which will have the same functionality that can compress file or multiple files? Here are some of the website i found during my net searching.

  • Zipme  - Free online service which can compress your file online from files on your computer. You can also decompress a zip archive and download the files to your computer. 

  •  ZipMyFiles - allows you to zip multiple files of different types. It has a very simple interface and an easy way to zip your file. You only need to browse the files you want to zip located at your computer, type the displayed code and just a simple click - you are ready to download the zipped version of the files in just a snap.  

  •  Onlinezip - - allows you to compress 5 files at the same time. Maximum size per file is 650kb. You have the option to send it directly through email or just download the compressed file. You need to type the code found below to proceed with the downloading or sending the files by email. 

  •  Nippyzip - – In comparison with Onlinezip,  NippyZip allows you to compress 10 files in the same time with a maximum size per upload of 5024kb. With the same procedure above, that requires to type in the code and an option to send it by email or to download the file. It’s one of my favorite choices so far. 

So okey then when Eric successfully forwarded the zip file to Mr. Anton’s email and Anton was about to download the files and try to open, surprisingly it becomes corrupted. Question now is will you again request Eric to compressed the file again and re-send it by email? Probably a waste of time and if you are beating a deadline and chances are you’ll miss it.
So do you know any software that is free to download and can fix corrupted zip files? 

Although this is not an online software services but as expected from my search to look for free software or services, this one is worth downloading 

Disk Internal Zip Repair 1.0 -
A freeware tool that repair zip structure and extract the contents and moving them in a new archive. It has a built-in extraction features that enables you to extract partially damaged and restored files.Downloading the files is easy with a very good interface. 

Till next issue....Chow

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