Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Online Floor Layout Plan and Room Design

AutoCAD is one of the important software being used specially in the construction industry and design. I also heard that this program is now being included in engineering curriculum courses (at least for the basic). There are short courses available to learn this program and aspire to become a draftsman. Aside from these there are also many online tutorials that offer Free Tutorial on AutoCAD.  Here are some links 

But what about if you just want to create a simple floor plan or design to your room just like what we you can see in a real estate housing advertisement or brochures and you don’t have any knowledge of AutoCAD?

This Free Online Service may be a choice for you

PlanningWiz  - is an online tool designed to help you plan the design of your room, or floor plan and preview layouts based on objects you place like fixtures and furniture. An easy to use program which you can make your design and decorate your room using a click of a mouse and drag and drop feature.

There are many selection of templates design (including house 1st floor with garage, 3Room flat, 1 room student dorm, 5 five room apartment, fitness club, home office, offices building, 2bedrooms, open kitchen and many more) which you can use for getting ideas and as well as accelerating up your design process or you can start your design from blank room or from scratch.

You can start your design without registration; you can print and export the plan. But you need to register and create an account to save your plan.

What are it's best Features? 
  • Various template design  
  • Export plan as image 
  • Text tool, drawing tool, wall tool, floor tool 
  • Save, print, and email plan 
  • Drag and Drop Feature 
  • Create as many plans as you want 
  • Share your plans with others

Of course there are more similar online services of this software which I will feature in the next issue. So give this one a try and let me hear your comment about it.

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