Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Rey's Anik Anik ATBP

Monday, October 3, 2011

TeamViewer - Free Remote Access

 I would probably guess that some of you have tried this awesome software screen – sharing and file transfer that allows you to remotely access another computer, or assist your relatives even in the other world to troubleshoot and fixed computer problems. Best of all its free for non corporate. Extremely easy to use and requires no configuration.

TeamViewer which is available to Windows, Mac, and Linux. I think it can also be used in Iphone but I haven't give it a try yet because I don't have an Iphone(LOL). 

When our IT Technician introduce me to this software, I was  so amazed on how it works and how easy and useful this software with so much functionality.

TeamViewer has a very simple interface and layout. It shows the user whether the connection is connected along with the ID and password being used for the session. This password changes each time the user accesses TeamViewer. 

To begin a session with your partner, it only takes three simple step and you are up and running:

1.  The User must enter the ID for the partner’s machine.

2.  Its your option to choose whether to connect for remote support, a presentation, file
     transfer. Your selected option gives you the privilege to control how much access you 
     can do to your partner's computer

3.  The user must then add partner’s current password, and the sharing starts.

I salute the developer of this software for allowing it to be free for everyone and I recommend this software as a must-have for the remote office use and at home.

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